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Fat Acceptance Has Two PersonalitiesThe Fat Acceptance movement has two faces. The public face it shows to open audiences when at a TV interview or interacting with the world outside of the fat o sphere, and then there is the true face, that we only see on size acceptance blogs, especially in the comments sections. From what I can tell, this isn’t done purposely or consciously. When Fat Acceptance steps out on the public forum it sounds completely reasonable and justified. However when a Fat Blogger makes it back home to her blog, she turns into something quite different.

FA’s public message is one of “acceptance” of fat people. “Acceptance,” by FA’s definition means discouraging name calling, and stopping fatty bashing. More importantly they want to challenge prejudices against fat people, like the presumption that the obese are gluttonous and lazy. The public face of fat acceptance is hard to disagree with. The “Fat but Fit” message is stretching it, but with the majority of Americans sporting some extra lard it isn’t hard to sell.



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