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For some time we here at unfatblog, and www.myfatspouse.com have made the contention that it is not realistic to FORCE people to find someone attractive, even through the force of political correctness.

I believe that WE are the origin of this argument.

Fat Acceptance blogs have many authors, who are masters in the art of rhetoric, although science seems to elude them. Language is their playground. This makes sense, considering how many are academics in the liberal arts fields.

It was just a matter of time until same people that believe that eating what ever the heck you want, and that fat has nothing to do with health, would make yet another preposterous assertion that humans can FORCE themselves to find different types of people attractive.

“My Wife Isn’t Sexy Anymore” and What You Can Do About It



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Chloe Marshall Is a Real Woman

Since the world found out that Chloe Marshall would be a candidate in the Miss England beauty competition there has been quite a stir. For those of you who don’t know, Chloe is a 17 year old plus sized model who is 5′ 10″ and weighs a 176 lbs. None are prouder and more defensive of her success than the members of the Fat Acceptance crowd. With Miss Marshall’s pictures in the news the Fatosphere has once again begun crowing about the virtues of Real Women.

This Real Woman nomenclature begs a whole host of questions. First what exactly is a Real Woman? Does this make all other women inferior? Finally, if there are Real Women, what is a Real Man? Even though the answers can’t be found spelled out concisely in thousands and thousands of Fat Acceptance Blogs some hints can be found. Reading them, as I dreadfully have to do, some clues can be found in subtle innuendo, and others through intentional omission.


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