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Reading a fat acceptance blog for the first time, especially an overweight female, can seem like an epiphany, “Yes, finally someone who understands!”

Quickly devouring more and more, a freshly exposed convert finds out that he or she was never meant to be at a healthy weight, and that all diets are destined to failure. Dieting and exercise are gateway drugs to the world of anorexia. Why not believe it? After all everyone on these sites was anorexic at one time, exercising 6 hours a day, and only eating lettuce for sustenance. Even with those extreme measures THEY COULDN’T LOSE THE WEIGHT!



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Many may already be familiar with my work at Myfatspouse.com. For two years I have continued an effort to allow husbands and wives with fat spouses to be able to communicate with each other in a environment where they will not be attacked or shamed.  During that time the website has grown to be much more than what it originally was intended.  It has become a community of people in different states of fatness, genders, sexual orientations, and marital status. The breadth of the subjects covered has grown as well.

Unfortunately websites live and die by search engines, and much of the discussion is lost to the world because it is located in an internet forum which is considered a lower life form by the Google gods.

This website is an outgrowth of the success of myfatspouse, but it will be written with a slightly different tact.  Many of the subjects covered on the forum will be brought up will have their origins on myfatspouse,  but will be elaborated on in detail.  The orientation of this website will be about the politics of obesity, effects on society and relationships, and an expose on the dangers of the increasingly popular fat acceptance movement.

I hope you enjoy this new blog.  If you have found us through someplace other than myfatspouse,  and like what you see, the by all means join the discussion on the myfatspouse.com forum.

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